Avery, Doug,

The resilient farmer / Doug Avery. - 281 pages

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"'I had a destroyed farm, a destroyed bank account and destroyed hopes. I couldn't afford to move, so I decided to make good of what I had.' And so begins Doug Avery's story of emotional resilience in the face of what at times seemed a hopeless situation. The Marlborough-based farmer suffered terribly during eight years of drought. His farm was depleted and so was he. Although he didn't realise it at the time, Doug had severe depression. His story, he says, is common to many in the rural sector who soldier on in isolation, slipping further and further into debt, depression and desperation. In addition to providing people with practical solutions for emotional wellness, he espouses a more sustainable way of farming where soil health and respect for the land is paramount. Doug says the three pillars to successful farming are emotional, financial and environmental resilience. By tackling all three, farmers will prosper and be better placed to weather the inevitable ups and downs that come with farming"--Publisher information.

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Avery, Doug.

Farmers--New Zealand--Biography.