Mental health / Ann Quigley, book editor. - Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2007. - 224 p. ; 24 cm. - Current controversies .

Includes bibliographical references (p. 211-215) and index.

Is mental illness a serious problem in the United States? Overview : the battle to define mental illness / Benedict Carey ; Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious problem for Iraq War veterans / William M. Welch ; Depression takes a serious toll on physical as well as mental health / Marianne Szegedy-Maszak ; Teen mental illness is a serious problem / Jeff Q. Bostic and Michael Craig Miller ; Mental illness is overestimated in America / Paul McHugh ; Mental illness is too broadly defined / Ashley Pettus ; Drug makers find new markets by publicizing "hidden" of mental illness / Brendan I. Koerner -- Are drugs the best way to treat mental illness? A combination of drugs and therapy can help treat ADHD / Linda Bren ; Antidepressants can help treat childhood depression / National Institute of Mental Health ; Drug treatment for mental illness may alter children's brains / Alison Motluk ; Antidepressants can increase suicide risk / David Stipp -- What are alternative treatments for mental illness? Exercise provides benefits for the mentally ill / Abby Ellin ; Cognitive therapy is effective at treating depression / The Economist ; Neurofeedback training can help treat mental disorders / Jody Jaffe ; Omega-3 fatty acids may help heal mental disorders / David Servan-Schreiber -- How should society respond to the mentally ill? The stigma of mental illness must be overcome / Kay Redfield Jamison ; Involuntary commitment is essential ; Involuntary commitment is unconstitutional / Beth Haroules ; The insanity defense is a legitimate legal approach / Mental Health America ; The insanity defense is an unacceptable legal approach / Deroy Murdock ; The juvenile mental health system does not work / Sam Rosenfeld ; The managed care approach to health care blocks access to mental health treatment / Samuel E. Menaged ; Screening helps prevent teen suicide / Ellie Ashford ; Mental illness screening for teenagers benefits drug companies alone / Evelyn Pringle.

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Mental health.
Mental illness.
Mental Disorders--United States.
Mental Disorders--therapy--United States.
Mental Health Services--United States.
Mentally Ill Persons--United States.

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